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How to Draw a Ball in Golf – Exaggeration Is the Key

The tendency of most amateur golfers is to slice the Ball rather than hit a draw. The two major causes […]

How To Putt Cross-Handed And Sink Short Putts More Often (Sometimes Called “Left-Hand Low”)

From an early age, everyone who touches a golf Club learns how to putt. Children play mini-golf, or play on […]

How Tiger Woods Grips the Golf Club and How to Grip the Golf Club to Meet Your Needs

How to Grip the Golf Club like Tiger Woods. First we need to establish some reference points on your hands […]

Grooved Golf Swing Series How To Hit Straight Puts – Stop Hitting To The Left Or Right Of The Hole

When you hit your puts are you off line so many times? You say to yourself “How did I do […]

Electron-Ness: Why Are All Electrons Identical?

Go to your local store and buy several items of the same product – say a package of three Golf […]

Understand How the TaylorMade R11 Driver Can Elevate Your Golf Performance

The TaylorMade R11 allows adjustments to be made to customize itself for your golf swing. TaylorMade has brought adjustability farther […]

How To Golf Swing In The Best Possible Way

Every golfer of every level has a golf swing thought! “Don’t think” is a swing thought. The problem is most […]

See What Holden Beach Vacations Have to Offer

Holden Beach vacations are inexpensive and fun for the whole family. Are you looking for a family friendly place to […]

How to Stop a Golf Overswing and Keep the Left Arm Straight

A golfer can swing the Club on the correct plane and line on the backswing but if they overswing it […]

Grooved Golf Swing Series: What Are The MUSTS of Good Putting?

You have taken your stance and you are about to hit your put. All you think about is hitting the […]