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Spirit and Soul – What’s the Difference?

The Human Being Your brain is the collection of nerve cells in your head. Your soul is your mind, your […]

How to Play Bible Baseball

Have you been to a baseball game lately? No? Then start a game of your own – Bible Baseball style! […]

How to Have a Compact Baseball Swing and Help Batters Who Lunge, Overstride and Step Out

Most youth baseball players have long swings. A long swing is either one where the Bat barrel starts too far […]

How to Prevent Strike Outs – Baseball Hitting Advice From a Former Major Leaguer

Nothing is more frustrating for young baseball players and their parents than strike outs, especially if it is a recurring […]

Crocheting Benefits: Why People Love To Crochet

There are many reasons why people love to crochet. For one, crocheting is therapeutic. Because of its calming, rhythmic movements, […]

How to Effectively Use Pitching Machines For Batting Practice

I owned a baseball academy for many years which used pitching machines where batters could work on hitting without the […]

Teaching New Players to Tee Ball Where to Field-Advice to New Coaches

In the mid-1970s in Brisbane, a Tee Ball League based on the American Little League concept was established. Most of […]

How To Increase Your Bat Speed With Training You May Not Know About

Every baseball players is always looking for ways how to increase Bat speed and it is for a reason. Speed […]

Sports Psychology and Baseball Hitting Tips – How and Why to Relax at the Plate

The baseball season is about to begin and I already getting calls from parents, players and coaches who are concerned […]

Focus on What You Want, “The Correct Thought Process”

As a father, it always amazes me how children are able to visualize what they want. If you ask them […]