Soccer Strength Training – Why it is Important

Last update in December, 2022

Many people think that Soccer is mainly a game of speed and skill. After all, Soccer is not really a contact sport. Little do these people know that Soccer is also a game of strength. And this is why Soccer strength training is essential for anyone who wants to be good in Soccer.

When we see Soccer players play the sport, sometimes all we notice is the constant running and kicking of the ball. What we don’t realize is the tremendous strength needed for anyone to play at such intensity and speed. Many also do not see the jostling among players that clearly requires strength. Those who will enter the sport without realizing how important being strong is to be successful in the sport will be in for a surprise. Without proper Soccer strength training, one would definitely succumb to the pressure and the unseen physicality of the game.

Little Attention

It is a pity therefore that Soccer strength training is not being given due attention by some Soccer players and even coaches. Sure, Soccer may not be as physical a game as Basketball is, but it does not mean that strength is not important in playing the sport.

Soccer strength training entails going to the Gym regularly for weight training. Some athletes are afraid that they will lose their speed once they have bulked up with muscles. This is based on the thinking that you need big muscles in order to be strong. This is not true. You can have strength and power even without the presence of big muscles in your body. There are specific exercises that you can do to add strength and power to your game without adding bulk. In fact, it is possible that you will also increase your speed as your strength increases because of the added power in your legs.

It’s OK to Gain Strength

So to players who want to improve their game, do not be afraid to make yourself stronger and more powerful. The well rounded Soccer player is someones who has speed, agility, stamina and of course strength.

If you believe that you are lacking strength then you must know that there are Soccer strength training programs that you can follow to make yourself stronger. If you will get a chance to look at the workout routines of some of the best Soccer players in the world, you will definitely notice that they pay great attention to Soccer strength training.