Golf Swing Trainer Clubs – How You Can Learn to Hit Down For Pure Iron Shots For Duffers

Last update in December, 2022

Some of us hit our iron shots fat more times than not while others hit them thin. Some beat the ball along the ground; rolling it up the fairway we resemble bowlers rather than golfers. All of us want to hit those pure iron shots we see from the better players. To do so, many golfers have turned to Golf swing trainer clubs for help.

Hitting pure iron shots is one of the most satisfying experiences in Golf. The majestic beauty of the ball flying toward the green then landing softly near the pin is what brings many of back for another round.

Do you take a divot with your irons? You really should you know. The more accomplished players will all take a divot because they understand that hitting down is best way to take advantage of the design of the Golf club.

I know you’ve heard it before but to hit pure iron shots consistently the clubface must be traveling along a downward path when it strikes the ball. Easier said than done, I know.

The challenging part is that the concept of hitting down on something we are trying to make go up is backwards to most of us. As a result we tend to try to hit under the ball lifting it into the air or we attempt to scoop the ball to get it airborne.

All sorts of things go wrong when we try to swing a Golf club like that. Fat shots, thin shots and everything in between but the kind of shot we want. Nobody wants that. It is a shame that we continue playing like this for so long when there is an easy way to fix the problem and bring more enjoyment to every round we play.

The Tour Striker Golf swing trainer club is just the tool many of us need to help us develop the feel for the proper downward strike of the Golf ball.! This Golf swing trainer club will intuitively help you understand leverage and how to apply the club head to the Golf ball in the same manner as the best players in the world.

The design is so smart. The lower part of the clubface, where the leading edge would be, has been removed and rounded off leaving only the area close to the sweet spot. When making with the ball the golfer must deliver this modified clubhead into the ball with a forward leaning shaft. Otherwise the ball will be struck by the rounded lower portion of the head and the shot will just roll along the ground.

To hit pure iron shots then you must create a downward blow with the shaft leaning ahead of the ball. When this is done correctly all the engineering of the club and the ball work together to bring the golfer the joy and satisfaction of a purely struck Golf shot.

The Tour Striker may be the Golf swing trainer club you need to improve your ball striking bringing you more enjoyment of the game we all love so much.