Fall Trout Fishing: The Top 3 Things That Every Fisherman Needs When Fishing For Trout in the Fall

Last update in December, 2022

As any trout Fishing veteran will tell you there is no better time of the year to fish for trout than during the fall, a fact that I have been well aware of for many years, and as September begins I figured that this was a great time to write about fall trout Fishing. In this article I will draw upon my twenty plus years of trout Fishing knowledge to outline the top 3 things that every fisherman needs as they head out in search of trout during the months of September, October, and November.

Although the fall is great for many styles of trout Fishing, since I am primarily an ultralight fisherman who prefers drift Fishing, the 3 things outlined in this article relate primarily to trout Fishing in this manner. The bottom line is that Fishing for trout during the fall of the year can be extremely productive and the following 3 things will likely help you experience more success the next time that you head out to do a little fall trout Fishing.

  • A Fishing Vest – A Fishing vest is vitally important to anyone who is trout Fishing in a river. The reason for this is because when you are Fishing for trout in a river you will almost always be wading and when you are wading a Fishing vest is the most convenient way to carry any terminal tackle that you might need. Most Fishing vests have plenty of extra pockets so carrying things like a snack, bottle of water, a pair of Fishing gloves and even a hat is very easy if you are wearing a vest designed for Fishing.
  • A Bait Bag Worm Bag – One of the best baits to use for trout during the fall are live worms and a worm bag is the easiest way to carry and access live worms on the water. When it comes to fall trout Fishing a worm bag is something that I never leave home without. Having your worms “at your fingertips” at all times id literally a Godsend, and makes your fall Fishing excursion that much more efficient and effective. The amount of time a worm bag saves you will amaze you.
  • A Pair of Fishing Gloves – During the fall, especially in the months of October and November, the weather can get cool to downright cold in many areas of the country and having a pair of Fishing gloves available to you can be the difference between a great day of Fishing and going home early. When drift Fishing I need to use of my fingers for tying knots and feeling my line, so a pair of fingerless Fishing gloves are the way to go. Having a pair of Fishing gloves in you vest anytime that you are Fishing for trout in the fall of the year is a great idea and can often save a great day on the water.

Fall trout Fishing can be as good as “trout Fishing” gets and the aforementioned 3 things definitely need to be a part of you arsenal anytime that you head out onto the water during the months of September, October, and definitely November.