How to hold a ping pong paddle correctly for newbie

1. Hold the ping pong paddle longitudinally


Longitudinal paddle holding has the advantage of being very good at backhand blocking, which facilitates the right-hand pushing, which makes the ball in the table relatively flexible. So most people use polishing only with the side of the paddle. This grip while polishing can alternate between forehand and forehand.

The Vertical grip

Just like writing a pen, the thumb and index finger form a pincer grip on the paddle, the other three fingers curled naturally and pressed against the back of the ping pong paddle.

Vertical grip as Fast-attack style

How to hold the ping pong paddle correctly in fast-attacking style? First holding the paddle against the palm of the hand (between the thumb and forefinger, close to the hand). The right side of the paddle touches the third of the index finger, firing the first of the thumb against the left shoulder. The second set of index finger presses against the right shoulder. The first of the thumb and the first, the second of the forefinger, forms a pincer frame in front of the paddle. The distance between forefinger and thumb is about 1 to 2 cm. The other fingers are naturally folded over and held against the back of the paddle by the first and second burns of the middle finger.

Vertical grip as Fast-attack style

This grip method is suitable for fast attack with forward-tipped paddle, and the flexibility of the wrist and fingers is better than the horizontal grip. When attacking the forearm, the thumb presses the paddle, the index finger is relaxed, the thumb and the anonymous finger support the middle finger to hold the paddle force. When pushing the left hand, the forefinger will press the paddle, while the thumb will loosen, the little finger and the anonymous finger will support the middle finger against paddle and the force.


2. How to hold the paddle horizontally


The horizontal grip is suitable for two-sided ball work, cut ball, backhand arc, large range. This is the traditional European grip.

The Horizontal grip:

Holding ping pong paddle in this way, the curved bent end is naturally close to the racquet at the front, while the index finger at the back, and the other three fingers grasp naturally the racquet. The thumb at the front will naturally curl against the handle, the forefinger and the back of the racquet tucked naturally against the face of the racquet, the shoulders should be lighted on the hand and the second burn of the middle finger. The other toes naturally hold the grip. This type of grip is most suitable for combining cut-and-hit types.

pingpong paddle horizontally

This grip is very simple, although compared to the vertical grip, the flexibility of the hand, finger and wrist, although limited in a certain way but easy to promote the rotation and rotation of the inside. arms and wrists. When attacking the forehand ball, the index finger can be slightly moved upwards to facilitate holding and racking. When attacking the ball backhand and fast, the thumb can move up a bit, so it will benefit the racquet and force. When cutting the left hand backhand, the position of the fingers is essentially unchanged.

3. Note when holding the ping pong paddle

For new players to play ping pong, the method of grip should be stable, should not be changed so easily the grip to ensure the polishing action is most stable.

Players may not hold the ping pong table too tight or too loose. If you hold the paddle too tight, it will affect the flexibility of the wrist and fingers when polishing, if you hold the paddle too loose will affect the strength of the ball and the percentage of balls to the table decline.

holding the ping pong paddle

Based on your favorite and technical specifications, choose the appropriate grip. For example, if you like to attack near the table, you should choose the vertical ping pong grip, and if you like to beat the ball forward, backhand is best to choose the horizontal grip ... to the new ping pong players The grip method should be stable, so it is not advisable to change the grip so easily that the polishing action is most stable.

There are two types of ping-pong grips applied around the world. You should practice ping pong regularly to get good technical skills.


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